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Course description

With a focus on Mexican culture and literature students in this course will examine selected Aztec pre-hispanic texts in English translation, 16th Spanish century chronicles and 20 th Century Mexican short stories. This course is a fundamental component of the Spanish Summer School and is delivered in Spanish every summer at CEPE UNAM in Mexico. The reading materials are both in English and Spanish.

Field component

This course will be delivered during three weeks in the month of June 2018 (June 4th to June 22nd ). In this course in Mexico students will have the opportunity to have unique experiential learning opportunities as they will visit major important museums such as the National Museum of History, the Museum of Anthropology and major historical sites as the City of Teotihuacán and the city of Cuernavaca. Some of these institutions house collections from the cultural encounter between Europe and Latin America in the 16 th century, the colonial 17 th century, and the Independence era of the 18th century´s New Spain.

Grade distribution

Bitácora 30%
Term Exam 40%
Final Presentation 30%


Students will have a travel journal where they will document (in writing and pictures) all their visits to the museums and different historical sites. At the end of the class students will submit their Bitácoras for a final grade.

Term exam

There will one major take home exam where students will have to answer questions about the selected readings in a critical way.

Final presentation

Each student will choose one text from the bibliography that will have to be analyzed to the audience. In this 20 minutes oral presentation students must cover the author´s biography, his sociocultural and political context and the analysis of the text including vocabulary and style.

There will be no make-up workshops, quizzes or exams. Also, please be advised any academic and disciplinary issues not addressed here, including cheating and plagiarism, will be resolved in accordance with the rules and regulations of Saint Mary’s University, as outlined in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar:

Monday June 11th Literature in Pre-Hispanic Mexico CEPE UNAM 2p.m – 5p.m
Tuesday June 12th Mayas, Olmecas, Aztecas Museo Nacional de Antropología 2p.m – 5p.m
Wednesday June 13th New Spain and the Independence Movement in Mexico CEPE UNAM 2p.m – 5p.m
Thursday June 14th 17th Century New Spain Museo de Historia Nacional 2p.m – 5p.m
Friday June 15th Corridos and Popular Cultures in 20th Century Mexico Tequila Museum with dinner at Salón Tenampa (Plaza Garibaldi) 5p.m – 8p.m
Saturday June 16th Day visit to Teotihuacán (The ancient city of the Mexicas). Organized tour and lectures. Teotihuacán 8a.m – 5p.m
Sunday June 17th Day visit to Cuernavaca (Palacio de Cortéz and Muso Brady) Cuernavaca 8a.m – 5p.m
Monday June 18th Literature of the Mexican Revolution CEPE UNAM 2p.m – 5p.m
Tuesday June 19th History of the Mexican Revolution The Mexican revolution Museum 2p.m – 5p.m
Wednesday June 20th Rivera, Tamayo: Muralism and social literature Palacio de Bellas Artes 2p.m – 5p.m
Thursday June 21st Final presentations CEPE UNAM 2p.m – 5p.m
Friday June 22nd Mexican Women in Art (Painters and Writers) Frida Kahlo Museum. Coyoacán 2p.m – 5p.m
Friday June 22nd Dinner at Colonia Coyoacán Coyoacán 2p.m – 5p.m
Monday June 25th Final Exam Due at midnight to be sent by email 5p.m – 8p.m


* Some of the information and pictures used here originally belong to Atzin.